Quarry Tile Cleaner

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* Effortlessly Removes Ground in Soils
* Absolutely Superb Cleaning Results
* Powerfully Removes Grease & Grime
* Highly Concentrated to reduce costs
* Contains Natural Plant Extracts – making it safe to use
* Biodegradable Surfactants – safe for the environment

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Hi Active Stone Cleaner is a highly advanced Quarry Tile Cleaner, with a unique blend of de-greasing agents and surfactants, meticulously formulated to rapidly beak down and dissolve, dirt/grease build up.

Working in a unique way, Hi Active Stone Cleaner Quarry Tile Cleaner uses the latest surfactant technology, to quickly and easily remove ground-in grease and dirt. Unlike most competitors products, it contains no ammonia, and therefore safe to use in an enclosed environment.

Amazingly, Hi-Active Stone Cleaner can also be used on many other surfaces – including Amtico, Karndean, Lino, Marmolium and Porcelain, and natural stone which includes, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Terracotta, Brick Sets, Cobblestone and many more.  Application areas include floors and walls, in both the domestic and commercial environments.

PRODUCT ADVICE: Always test product for any adverse reaction prior to application on a spare tile or in an inconspicuous place. Avoid contact with alkaline sensitive surfaces, aluminum, paint and varnished wood. Ensure all areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water. ____________________________________________________________________________________

DIRECTION FOR USE:  Invert Container Before Use.

Dilute 1 part Hi-Active Stone Cleaner Quarry Tile Cleaner to 10 parts (100ml per litre) warm water for light to normal soiling.

Heavy soiled areas dilute 1 part to 5 parts (200ml per litre) water, apply to the surface, agitate using brush or floor pad in small circular motions and rinse with clean water.

Repeat if necessary.


MAINTENANCE:  In order to keep your floors looking great the whole year through, Maintenance of your flooring should be undertaken at regular intervals.  For daily cleaning of the treated floor use Professional Care & Maintainer, for higher levels of hygiene, use Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaner

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:  Protective gloves should be worn when using this product. Avoid contact with eyes and skin; Ensure all spills, and non treated areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water.

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