Natural Stone Cleaner

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  • Superb Cleaning Results
  • Great on Grease & Grime
  • Ready to Use
  • Contains Natural Plant Extracts
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for Daily Cleaning


Natural Stone Cleaner is a highly concentrated, fresh fragrance cleaner for daily or routine cleaning of all natural stones.   This unique and amazing product is the No1 choice of the Professional and the DIY Perfectionist.

This amazing product, Easily and Quickly, produces outstanding cleaning results, even on heavily soiled natural stone.   It’s also extremely powerful when removing grease and ground in grime.

Using advanced surfactant technology, Natural Stone Cleaner, gives optimum performance without using aggressive detergents.   Contains natural soap and natural plant extracts for a greener product to help the environment, it can be used on all stone surfaces such as marble, granite, limestone, terracotta,travertine, slate, porcelain, clay, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and artificial stone.

 PRODUCT ADVICE:   Always test product for suitable colour change or enhancement on a spare tile or in an inconspicuous place before using.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:   Invert container before use –

For a routine or daily maintenance, dilute 1 part Natural Stone Cleaner to 10 parts (100ml to 1 litre) clean, warm water, using a clean mop or sponge, clean in the normal way.

For heavily soiled floors use Hi-Active Stone Cleaner

For removing old seals use Wax & Residue Remover


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:   Wear protective gloves when using this product.   Avoid contact with eyes.

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