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Natural Stone Sealer

Natural Stone Sealer 1 ltrHere’s the most durable Natural Stone Sealer which is easy to apply and probably the fastest drying sealer available.

Perfect for most Natural Stones.  Such as, Terrazzo, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone and Brick sets, Quarry tiles, un-polished Marble and Granite.

Whether you’re a Professional or enthusiastic DIYer, you’ll be amazed at the ease of application and incredible speed of the product bonding to the stone in minutes.  None of this standing around for hours waiting for the sealer to dry.

Using the latest Advanced Resin-Technology™, Natural Stone Sealer contains a unique blend of Acrylic Resin and Co-polymers (that’s the techie stuff) to develope the incredibly unique, strong and durable protective bonded seal to the stone. 

You’ll find this protective, hard wearing, Stone Sealer not only seals, it also enhances the natural colours in the stone and allows it to breathe naturally, which assists greatly in keeping the surface, free from dirt and grease build up, making your daily cleaning and maintenance, practically effortless.  

Benefits: – 

  • Enhances Natural Colour
  • Extremely Durable & Hard Wearing
  • Makes Daily Cleaning Easier
  • Solvent Free – Safer to use
  • Contains Natural Plant Extracts
  • Fully Biodegradable Surfactants
  • New Advanced Resin-Technology™

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