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Grout Sealer Impregnator

Grout Impregnator 1 ltrGrout Sealer Impregnator is the preferred choice of the Professional and DIYers.  A tremendously durable, Fast working and Easy to apply product for Sealing and Impregnating grout lines helping to vigorously repel liquids, preventing staining from water, oil and grease based spills.

A generous 1 litre measure, ready to use, ensures you have sufficient protection (covers 10-20 sq mtrs), Grout Sealer Impregnator with its New Resin Technology™ penetrates deep into the grout, providing an extra strength, invisible protective shield to grout lines, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze and ensuring the grout lines stay clean for longer.

Probably the most effective Grout Sealer Impregnator.  Chosen by thousands of stone restoration professionals and DIY enthusiast as their No1 Grout Sealer Impregnator for small or large installations.

Amazingly effective and successful in kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, shower rooms, dining rooms and all other areas where spillages may occur.

  • Protects against Water, Oil & Grease spillages
  • Helps Prevent Staining                        
  • Long Lasting and extremely Durable
  • Invisible coating
  • Low Odour
  • No Volatile Solvents
  • Easy to Use
  • Contains Natural Plant Extracts
  • NEW Advanced Resin-Technology